Saturday, May 30, 2009

My New LOs

I really enjoy in making LO this week...Gingerscraps Bootcamp gives me so many useful scrapbooking tutorials....
Here they are :

credit : Redju_Thanksgiving

credit : ShabbyPrincess_HappyGoLucky

my own kit : TrityaCreations_SunshineEveryday

Hope you like them all :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

LO using Shadowing Tutorial

The technique for my LO this time using another tutorial from Gingerscraps Bootcamp...This week is about Shadowing in elements...

I choose my first daughter photo, Putri because i think it will match with all elements...(do you see that Putri wears necklace from shell?)

here my LO with Beach Glass kit by Ginger (Gingerscraps)

hope you like this one..


Friday, May 22, 2009

LO Using Kit From Pixelily and Aprilisa Designs

Today i make LOs using my friend's freebies, Endless Hope from Pixelily and Girly Girl Mini Kit from Aprilisa Designs. You can find those freebies and grab them in their blog...
Here their previews :

Girly Girl Mini Kit from Aprilisa Designs

Endless Hope from Pixelily Designs

Aren't they cute? And now, here my LOs...

credits : template from Sya's Blueprint


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funky Mama Collab Kit LO

Here my another LO using Funky Mama Collab Kit with White Space technique....
it was created using papers from Aprillisa Designs, elements from Nona'sCreations, ribbon and stitched ribbon from Studio Mamaecha...

So...what do you think?

Another LO For Mission 3 : White Space LO

Well, since i don't feel confident with my first LO, i remade it again...:D

And here they are, my new LO (scraplift from Misty O'brien's LO) using Beach Glass by Ginger and the second one is using Holy Night by Ginger and Jodi collab to complete the assignment...You will find out what our assignment is in my previous post

I don't know which one is better...
Would you like to give a comment??


Monday, May 18, 2009

My Second Daughter's Layout

This week in my Gingerscrap Bootcamp class, they give us a mission to complete...
It's White Space Layout...Such a nice, detail and complete tutorial...gived by Misty, one of drill sergeants in our bootcamp
We have to make 2 LOs using this tutorial...
The first one is scraplifted from one of LO examples, the second one is made by ourself...
I have completed the first LO...You can see it in My Gingerscraps Gallery

here my LO's preview :

And here the credits :

This layout created using Beach Glass, Manufactured by: GingerScraps (interested to get this kit? it's free now!!) and scraplifted from LO by Misty

What do you think?

More love,

Another Funky Mama Bragbooks and QuickPage many freebies we share this week...

Here, there are another bragbooks from my friend Lily (known as Pixelily Designs)...she also give a Quick Page

Link for Bragbook & QP From : PixelilyDesigns

Hope you enjoy all freebies....:)


Yesterday, when i shared 4 bragbooks from Funky Mama Collab Kit, some of my friends also did the same...
Now, i want to give their links too...So, you can grab them all...Isn't it cool?? ...:)

Here the previews and links...

From : Yanti'sscrap


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funky Mama Brag Book

Hi everybody...
As i promised last week when i shared our first collab kit, today i will give you my first bragbooks...
You can get the elements in this preview from Nona'sCreations kit or you can grab all papers and elements (75 papers and 150 elements) from Funky Mama Collab Kit... It's FREEBIE...!! No doubt!!
Hope you enjoy it...


Best Regard,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mommy's Lovely Daughters

To complete my assignment in Gingerscrap Bootcamp, i use our first collab kit called Funky Mama..
Assignment this week is Clustering...

It is a very interesting and detail tutorial indeed...i really enjoy to learn this tutorial...
Thanks to Rachel (known as Harmonystar) as our Drill Sergeant for her dedication, instruction and attention...

I use papers and elemens from Studio Mamaecha, Nona Creations, Pixelily and my own.
I really happy if you like my LO...

Love you all,

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi, all! Happy Mother's Day!!

I and another 6 Indonesian designers wish to share a freebie kit in order to celebrate this day. We wish to make something different, a kit for funky mama. Are you one of them?

A total of 75 papers and 150 elements will be shared with you for free. It's a huge kit!Take a look at these previews...

Paper Pack

Well, what do you think? not bad for a newbie isn't it?
If you love it then let us know, because this is really our very first attempt to share a freebie. Also if you make LO out of it, a link to the gallery or blog where you published it will be appreciated.
Here is my portion :


here is the list of our blogs :

TrityaCreations => You Are Here






Yanti Scrap Designs

Make sure you visit all the blogs to grab the full kit. And do come back next week for the next freebie. We are going to share the brag book using this kit.
Again, Happy Mother's Day for all of us :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I made a decision to make my own banner using elemens from anywhere... thank you so much for sharing freebie gals....

Here are the credits :
1. twine,charm actions and flower : thescrapincop
2. staple and overlay : gunhild
3.tornvellum action: atomiccupcake
4. clip : beckysscrap
5. elemen : D'Jenn
6. leaf : misstyscrap
7. chalkboard and pin are mine

What do you think?

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hi all! I wanna start a blog as I have been downloading so many awesome freebies from other blogs and I will contribute also. I know I won't be able to be as good as most others, but you can check in this blog when I post some freebies.

A little bit about myself.... I'm a working mom who doing scrapbook in my spare time.... I have been digiscrapping only a short time, since I knew about it from my friend and we learn about it together...

I live in a small town, Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia for now archipelago and a unique country consist of hundreds tribe and island..I married with my collegemate and have two daughters, Putri 7 years old and Tya 2,5 years old..

Short post for my first one, but I think I will work on some stuff to upload to this my brand new blog!

Thanks to Allie Brown's Layout who makes so many beautiful layout...Very very excellent work she does...