Monday, May 18, 2009

My Second Daughter's Layout

This week in my Gingerscrap Bootcamp class, they give us a mission to complete...
It's White Space Layout...Such a nice, detail and complete tutorial...gived by Misty, one of drill sergeants in our bootcamp
We have to make 2 LOs using this tutorial...
The first one is scraplifted from one of LO examples, the second one is made by ourself...
I have completed the first LO...You can see it in My Gingerscraps Gallery

here my LO's preview :

And here the credits :

This layout created using Beach Glass, Manufactured by: GingerScraps (interested to get this kit? it's free now!!) and scraplifted from LO by Misty

What do you think?

More love,

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